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Regex Media: your best Italian Partner in SEO and SEM

Regex Media is one of the first Italian agencies in marketing and online communications.

If you are looking for a professional Italian agency specialized in SEO visibility and PPC planning, Regex Media is your best choice.

Regex comes from a combination of complementary skills converging to a precise scope: being a full outsourcing Marketing Division for our clients.

Our 14 years of expertise allow us to successfully deal with every aspect of the life cycle of the project: strategic vision and enthusiasm are the engine of our innovation capabilities. Thus we excel in the Italian scenario of SEO and SEM providers for technical expertise, innovation and results.

We are specialized in:

  • SEO visibility and SEM campaigns, online media planning and digital marketing;
  • Mobile advertising and social media applications;
  • Projects and web application design and development.

How we work

Regex Media

From direct-response and pay-per-performance campaigns to "brand oriented" media planning, Regex Media builds for every single client a specific marketing strategy, comprehensive and tailored.

For us, every market, every product and every client is a universe unto itself.  

Unlike most agencies, we do not stick to any rigid remuneration model nor fixed costs: the experience and the know-how we acquired over many years, allow us to offer tailor-made projects at revenue-share remuneration and directly dependent on the performances we deliver, as we only give actual and measurable results. Therefore, our clients can choose a remuneration model according to the results we get together.