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Italian PPC Management service by top Italian SEM Agency

SEM planning in Italy requires a huge PPC-marketplace experience and a deep understanding of how local cultural and linguistic peculiarities exert their influence towards the italian public. That is why Regex Media, can provide adequate solutions for the Italian users.

The Italian PPC Management service is addressed to international companies that intend to make immediately visible their websites on Italian search engines, in order to get direct response campaigns, with the support of a skilled and reliable local partner: a SEM certified and specialized agency, top experienced and with a proven track record.

Regex media provides expert management of PPC campaigns by which it is possible to achieve significant results as spending cuts, traffic and performance optimization and ROI increase, through accurate identification of strategic keywords, in-depth analysis of the competitive environment, precise segmentation of the target and progressive optimization of all the metrics of paid search platforms.


We are your ideal Italian SEM & PPC partner because Regex:

  • is a top Italian specialized SEM agency, headquartered in Rome and with native speaker sem consultants
  • is a Google Analytics Certified Partner [verify here] and participates in the Google Engage Program
  • has 10+ years of operational experience in Italian PPC Management (Adwords, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin)
  • has managed 250+ SEM projects in Italian language
  • has created and manages the 1st SEM portal in Italy ( [see here])
  • has a team of enthusiastic SEM consultants who actively participate in Italian SEM community
  • adopts an ethical code that guarantees the acquisition of long-term results from SEM activities
  • work in full transparency and full compliance with Third-Party Google Adwords Policy
  • is the first Italian SEO agency ranked in Google for the three main strategic keywords in SEO industry (eg rank #1 for the keyword SEO [verify here], rank #1 for the keyword posizionamento su google [i.e. "ranking on google"][verify here], rank #1 for the keyword posizionamento [i.e. "ranking"] [verify here])
  • offers a full range of complementary services to maximize the performance of ppc campaigns, such as splash & landing pages optimization, persuasive copywriting, tracking tools, cross-platform strategies

Regex Media is able to provide the best support to effectively drive any visibility strategy on the Italian online market and it can guarantee the best results on all the Italian search engines. The results obtained for the agency itself and for its clients, demonstrate the primacy of Regex Media.


Regex Media operates in full compliance with Third-Party Google Adwords Policy, ensuring long-term stability of SEM results.

Regex Media also adopts an ethical code which ensures customers the acquisition of effective and lasting results, because all main info on SEM interventions are directly shared with the clients, who are guaranteed the full knowledge of the cost data of the campaign through daily and monthly reports, sent directly from the advertising platforms.


The Italian PPC Management service is a periodic service of variable duration, from a minimum of three months. The campaigns Startup require about 10 days. The Reporting services includes a daily report and a monthly report forwarded directly by the advertising platform.

On average, the results of SEM activities start immediately after service StartUp and continue with progressive traffic increasing (and cost decreasing) over the following months, as a result of constant and progressive optimization activities.


The service includes:

  • Providing of web analytics, leads and ROI tracking tools
  • Technical analysis of the website and landing pages
  • Online-market analysis of industry and direct competitors
  • Strategic keywords analysis
  • SEM consulting and SEM strategic plan development
  • Campaign and keyword advertising platform setup
  • Campaign communication strategy
  • Nonstop campaign and ROI optimization
  • Monitoring and PPC Campaign fine tuning
  • SEM reporting service (Daily and Monthly reports)


The service lasts a minimum of three months as a campaign launch, subsequent renewals are on a monthly basis with no obligation to renew. The service is remunerated by a monthly fee equal to 15% of the budget for the PPC campaign, starting from €450.00 for month. Only for the campaign launch, there is a startup cost of €800.00.


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